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We aim to keep our clients up to date with relevant information concerning their wellbeing via our blog and monthly newsletter.


Can you accept a compliment?

This weeks vlog asks “do you know how to accept a compliment?” It highlights the following 4 tips for accepting compliments: Smile Say thank you and acknowledge the compliment Let the person know what it means to you Try and use it to make a... read more

Do you eat dinner with your family?

This weeks Vlog asks whether or not you eat dinner with your family. It turns out research shows us that eating dinner together as  a family can help prevent the risk of mental health issues. Watch to find out more.  ... read more

How to be happy

This week’s Vlog focuses on the problems with focusing on trying to be being happy. There are 3 myths that pervade in our society that actually get in the way of living the life we want to live. These myths are: Happiness is the natural state of being for us... read more

How to protect children from cyberbullying

A recent survey of parents found that parents are more concerned about their children being bullied online than they are about drugs and alcohol. In this video Dr Cassidy discusses what parents can do to protect their children from being... read more


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